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UNGiKÖR is a resource for Sweden’s children’s and youth choirs. Through subsidies and various activities, we provide our members with opportunities to realise projects that otherwise would have been impossible.

UNGiKÖR is an independent association for children’s and youth choirs in Sweden.

UNGiKÖR is funded through allocated grants from Ungdomsstyrelsen, the Swedish National Board for Youth Affairs – a government authority.

UNGiKÖR has 5000 members around the country at present. Church choirs, school choirs, song groups, music school and culture school choirs, independent choirs, student choirs, male choirs, girls’ choirs, womens’ choirs, youth choirs, and so on…

UNGiKÖR is divided into nine districts that lead the development and co-operation between choirs locally. UNGiKÖR arranges activities for young choirs around the country – among others the annual event Sjungikörfestival – “Sing-in-a-Choir Festival”.

UNGiKÖR represents Sweden’s children’s and youth choirs in choir associations both in Sweden and abroad – KÖRSAM, SAMNAM, NORBUSAM and Europa Cantat among others.

UNGiKÖR grants an annual SEK 30,000,- to the ”Children’s and Youth Choir Choral Director of the Year”.

UNGiKÖR is one of the organizers of the yearly choral directors’ convention together with FSK – the association of Swedish Choral Directors.

In the picture: Members of the choir Arctic Light, Northern District. Photo: Anders Alm.

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